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The Healing Journey


It all began in a rose garden when I didn’t know what else to do.  For months my body was crying out through deep pain, organ complications, and all they told me was ”You were born this way and there is nothing you can do.”  I was diagnosed with the mysterious Lupus autoimmune condition.  But, my soul knew there was a calling beyond modern science.  There was magic, fairy dust, sparkles of joy, and plant wisdom to pave the way to my true healing.  I listened as I sat in my garden each day with faith in the divine help; I knew there was another way.  I was born to thrive, not suffer in these pains.  So, I began to listen as the plants revealed there elemental wisdom.  Growing my own herbs, nurturing my heart, and journaling my magical thoughts created new pathways for my body to shine.  After months of trying different combinations, one magical brew of tea did the trick for me.  Now I pass along this beautiful song of healing light to whom hears it’s same call.  My joy is delighting in the healing of all; however you get there, it’s your own magical path.  I imagine you came here for a reason—to try this divinely inspired intention.  My sweet prayer sent to you is that you try this method made just for you.

Love and light to you sweet soul,


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