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Divinity Glow Up

Tea Ceremony Workshop

3.24.2024 @ 2pm

🌟 Join us for the Divinity Glow Up Tea Ceremony! 🌟 Experience a sacred space for inner growth and expansion, where we nurture the light within our bodies, minds, and souls. Immerse yourself in a blissful journey of self-discovery and explore various modalities to nurture your light body: ✨ Gather in a tranquil circle while listening to soothing sounds, creating a sense of calm and unity. ✨ Meditation: Tap into the energy of new possibilities and envision a future filled with growth and abundance. ✨ Gathering to Support Each Other's Highest Possible Outcomes: Share intentions and manifest personal growth and expansion, with your personalized Nurture Your Light with Magical Thoughts guided journaling exercise to boost clarity into your new reality. ✨ Nurturing the Light Body: Experience breathwork, how to use essential oils and plants for your highest wellness, try out sound vibroacoustic technology and feel your whole body relax into a state of bliss, and indulge in our savory Magical Tea for the Soul while connecting with others! This is a free event to connect through a loving exchange. Sign up below for more details and location.

Gather in community to inspire the shift you came here for!


Sound Lounge


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