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Expanding Love Super Club

Expanding Love Super Club (1)

Most people have the same fundamental yearnings and questions inside of them. Our most common desire by far is to love and to be loved, yet for so many people, love in its many forms poses the most difficult challenge of all. Your Magnetic Heart reveals the nature of the mysterious force of charisma and attraction which is present in us all and which determines the course of our relationships and our lives. Here, life coach and author Rudiger Schache introduces the spiritual and psychological concept of the “heart magnet” and how it can guide readers to find their true life path. This is explained in ten essential secrets which emphasize self-reflection. The description of each secret is accompanied by practical advice, real-life case histories, and spiritual insights from seers and thinkers. Those who embrace these concepts can develop a new consciousness and improve their inner clarity, outer relationships, and fortune. By attuning to the force of their heart magnet, readers can attract the people and events for which they have been longing into their lives. (Book Description)

Gather, Connect, and Inspire shifts in your relationships at our next “Expanding Love” Super Club & Book Chat!  We will dive in the 10 Secrets of Love, Attraction, & Fulfillment from the book Your Magnetic Heart by Ruediger Schache.  We will meet every other Thursday starting March 7th, at 6:30pm, location at  The Lighthouse Lounge in Cypress (Location Sent after Sign Up) The book can be purchased on Amazon. Bring a dish to share at the table with new soul friends, and we will chat it up in love! Details about location and time will be emailed separately. Fill out the form to Sign Up for this event and I will create a WhatsApp for all the details! Can’t wait to begin this Light of Love Community with you!

Expanding Love Together,


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